Sarah’s News Roundup 12.22.18

Les Moonves, the former chief executive at CBS, will not receive a $120m severance package after an inquiry into alleged sexual misconduct.

The US broadcaster said that he misled the company over the allegations and failed to work with investigators, meaning it had grounds to fire him.

In a statement CBS said Moonves had displayed “wilful and material misfeasance” and failed to co-operate fully with the company’s investigation into the allegations against him.

Furthermore he had violated company policy and was in breach of his employment contract and as a consequence would not receive any severance payment.

Moonves claims that the accusations made against him in The New Yorker magazine were untrue.

Nevada has become the first US state with a female-majority legislature as women hold 51% of the seats.

This week Democrats Rochelle Nguyen and Beatrice Duran were appointed to the assembly, replacing lawmakers who had moved on from their posts.

In the recent elections the state gained two female senators, Democrats Jacky Rosen and Catherine Cortez Masto.

And Susie Lee has been elected to the House of Representatives.

Hillary Clinton tweeted about this milestone in Nevada: “Let’s make it the first of many.”

US Supreme Court Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg has undergone surgery to remove two cancerous nodules from her lung.

Both were successfully removed and there is “no evidence of any remaining disease”.

Ms Ginsburg is the most senior justice on the Supreme Court’s liberal wing and her supporters have expressed concern that if anything were to happen to her she could be replaced by a more conservative justice.

She is said to be resting comfortably and no further treatment is planned.

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