I would like to pledge 3 half hour Skype-based…

Dear Joycelyn,

My name is Akello J Stone. I am from LOS ANGELES, CA US.

You can find me online at
I pledge to you I would like to pledge 3 half hour Skype-based…, Joycelyn Savage, for when you are ready to leave Robert Kelly.

I find that my goods or services are helpful because Public speaking is powerful. As someone who has decades of experience, both on-camera, with classrooms and large audiences, I know how important this skill is.

I relate to or feel for your situation because I know what it means to struggle and want something so bad that you would compromise your quality of life for it. It comes from empathy.

I hope that you See a bright future, that you create for yourself, on your own terms and that you lift others up along the way.

Akello J Stone

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