a “jellycat” bunny

Dear Joycelyn,

My name is Sarah. I am from , GB.

I pledge to you a “jellycat” bunny, Joycelyn Savage, for when you are ready to leave Robert Kelly.

I find that my goods or services are helpful because these bunnies have long arms for hugging, big ears for listening, are small enough to fit inside a pocket/bag to go places with you and are friendly, furry companions. I had a bunny join my family of cuddlies a few years ago. If I'm feeling scared or overwhelmed holding someone furry helps me feel safe and grounded and if I'm going someplace new having bunny in my pocket makes me feel less vulnerable and alone. Sometimes it's just nice having a furry friend to snuggle with while reading a book or watching a movie! These bunnies are the best!!

I relate to or feel for your situation because I was in a controlling relationship when I was at uni and I'm also a survivor of sexual violence.

I hope that you know how strong you are and find the courage to break free.

much love Sarah (and bunny ?)

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